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Frequency Asked Question

Ordering – General

1. What currency is used?

All prices for Products sold on the Website are listed in Hong Kong Dollars. If your credit, debit, smart card or other method of payment is not denominated in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), the final price charged in your currency will be calculated by your issuing bank or card provider or other method of payments providers.

2. How do I start shopping? How do I checkout?

Please refer to “How to Shop” section.

3. Why is there a sales quota for certain Products?

Sales quota is set by for certain Products due to their limited supply. To ensure fair allocation of Products to as many customers as possible, stock is allocated based on the transaction time of a successful [online] payment.

4. Is there any restriction on ordering Products from the Website?

- If you are not able to enter into legally binding contract or you are less than 18 years old, you should not order any Products through the Website.

- Certain Products are restricted for delivery to Hong Kong addresses or recipients in specified destination countries only. Please refer to the Product details of individual Products for further information.

5. What payment methods can I use?

You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, Alipay, Alipay HK and Wechat Pay.

6. Is there any upper limit for online shopping at your website?

The total amount of your order cannot exceed HK$50,000.

7. Is there any Transaction Fees for online purchase? 

Banks and credit card companies may charge their account holders a cross border transaction fee when the card issuer and the payment gateway location are in different countries. The currency exchange rate, if applicable, and any transaction fee are determined solely by the bank or other agency processing the transaction. As such, the amount listed on your credit or debit card statement may be a different figure than the figure shown on the order confirmation letter for the purchase on this Website. If you have any question about the transaction fee or exchange rate, please be advised to check with your bank.


Order Delivery & Processing

8. How can I know my Order is successfully placed?

You will be prompted back to the “Transaction Successful” screen with the Order details upon a successful online payment. A confirmation letter with your Order details (“Confirmation Letter”) will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you entered in the Online Order Form for correspondence. Please note that your Order is considered to be accepted by us only when you receive the Confirmation Letter. Please quote the Order Reference Number for future correspondence and tracking of delivery with us.

9. What is the delivery charge for the Products ordered?

Please refer to the Product details of individual Products for specific information on delivery. For overseas delivery, all customs duty, value-added tax, sales taxes or any kind of fees levied or imposed by your destination country in relation to the Products ordered are to be borne by you absolutely.

10. How long does it take for the Products ordered to be delivered to the recipient?

Normally the Products ordered will be dispatched for delivery to the recipient within 7 working days upon a successful online payment. The time of actual receipt by the recipient depends on the shipping methods selected and the destination countries.

11. How long does it take for the Products order to be collected at designate pickup point?

Normally, if you selected to collected the product at designated pickup point, you are required to specify the pickup point and collection date before making the order. Please refer to the Product details of individual Products.

12. Can I cancel an Order after I received the e-mail Confirmation Letter?

We do not allow cancel an order once it has been confirmed. If you wish to change the Order on the same working day, please e-mail to us at quoting the order date, Order Number Reference and contact information and we will use our reasonable endeavour to update your Order. If the dispatch of the Order has been processed by us, we cannot change the Order.

13. How do I check my Order Status?

You can check your order status by clicking “Order Tracking” at the right corner, you can view the detail information by filling the Order Reference Number and Email.

14. What if the delivery of Products is unsuccessful?

When the delivery is by postal means, the redelivery or re-direction arrangement will follow the normal postal arrangements or the overseas delivery postal administrations, as applicable. In the event the Products ordered are not successfully delivered and returned to us, we would contact the Customer for clarification or re-delivery arrangement. Products so returned would be kept by us for 1 month. We shall dispose of such returned Products at their absolute discretion after the 1-month retention period and the Customer shall have no claims or rights against us in relation to the Order and/or the Products ordered for refund or otherwise.

15. What if I am not available to collect the Products at designated pickup point and date?

You shall be responsible for collecting the product at such pickup point at your own cost and expense within 14 days of our notice to you failing which we and our Affiliates have the right to dispose of the product. You agree not to claim against us for any compensation or damages for such disposal.

16. Can I authorize someone to collect the Products?

Customer should collect the Products in person with order confirmation letter and proof of identity for the purpose of verification. We do not accept authorization on collecting the Products by any means.

17. If I did not receive the Products ordered , whom should I contact?

Please e-mail to us at quoting the order date, Order Number Reference and contact information for follow up.


Security & Technical

18. What are the measures for the protection of data security?

We use servers that can support 128-bit encryption (SSL) which is a commonly used technology for online shopping malls. It can protect your personal particulars such as your name, address and credit card information. When you confirm the Order for online payment processing, you will be directed to the payment gateway of the banks or their authorized agent on which all data entered are encrypted and protected throughout the payment process.

19. What are CVV and CVC ?

CVV stands for Card Verification Value and CVC stands for Card Verification Code. It is a 3-digit code embossed or imprinted on the back of your Visa or MasterCard credit card. It appears after and to the right of your card number.


There are authentication procedures established by credit card companies to provide greater security for Internet transactions, e.g. the cardholder is required to enter the CVV/CVC code during online transactions which may help to verify that the card is currently in the physical possession of the cardholder at the time of the transactions.


Contact Us

20. How to contact us?

Please e-mail to and we will try to get back to your enquiries as soon as possible.